Friday, May 31, 10:30 AM-11:30 PM

DanceCraft: Key of Clubs Performance Intensive, New Orleans, May 31-June 4, 2019

Daily choreography creation and performance skills will push you to the next level as a choreographer, dancer and performer.
This is a more intimate learning experience with a lot of one on one training and daily feedback from Zoe. SAMPLE SCHEDULE (Subject to change)Friday 10:30am-6pmSaturday 10am optional review, class 10:30am-6pmSunday 10am optional review, class 10:30am-6pm and evening lab 7-9pmMonday 10am optional review, class 10:30am-6pmTuesday 10am optional review, class 10:30am-6pm, performance evening/testing and party after! Homework:TBA All sales are NON-REFUNDABLE.
If you are for some reason unable to make it, you may sell your spot to someone else.
Be sure to let us know who you transfer it to. Tuition is $950. There is no additiional testing fee for this intensive, as the ending performances are not optional.
Payment plans are available in 2 payments of $485. Registration opens Nov 15, 2018 at 10am PT. ***Tickets are available by audition and to Key of Spades graduates only.
Audition details:Please submit the following to dancecraft@zoejakes.comVideo - a solo pieceWrite up
For solo piece only -What was the piece about?
What made you choose this?
What type of audience was it for?
How did you pick the costuming, how involved were you in the designing of it and what relationship does it have to the music?
If you could change anything about the piece, what would it be and why?What do you feel is the most effective part of the dance and why?Video -
a group piece that you have directed (you don't have to be in it)Video -
a group piece someone else directed and you are performing in. All audition videos must be submitted by Oct 1 to be eligible for Nov 15th registration.
We will continue to accept audition videos, but the approval may be later than Nov 15. PACKAGES AVAILABLE (after passing audition): Both 3rd Keys for $100 off (performance intensive and teacher training, New Orleans, May 2019)Rock Star Package!
$2700 for all 4 Keys (New Orleans, May
2019) Details upon request to