Sunday, May 26, 2019 1 PM

“Dark Matter” [Stars Without Number]

D4 Gaming Cafe
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8228 Oak St., New Orleans, LA
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You're a "Freelancer", and for your own reasons you've agreed to take a heist job from a merchant megacorp, Manticore Industries. One of their free trader starships, the "Dark Matter", has been stolen out of their hanger in the megacity of Odessa Prime. A talkative repair mechanic coughed up some info and has your team pointed to the warehouse district and the trading office of the Red Sun Trading Company. "Get your team to the provided location, devise a way in, contend with security systems and forces, then fly the ship out of the hanger and await further instructions." This will be a one-session one-shot adventure using the Stars Without Number RPG system (Revised Edition). Player Characters will either be provided, or rolled at the table (TBD). This system uses all of the usual poly-sided gaming dice -- bring your own, or dice can be provided for you. Anyone is welcome to RSVP, though please update your attendance status if your plans change. Look for me at d4 Gaming Cafe, and please consider purchasing something to support the venue. Thank you.