Saturday, Jun 15, 7-9:30 PM

Decade of Fire Community Film Screening

Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans

Throughout the 1970’s, fires consumed the South Bronx. Black and Puerto Rican residents were blamed for the devastation even as they battled daily to save their neighborhoods. In DECADE OF FIRE, Bronx-born Vivian Vázquez Irizarry pursues the truth surrounding the fires – uncovering policies of racism and neglect that still shape our cities, and offering hope to communities on the brink today.The screening will close out with a panel featuring filmmaker Vivian Vázquez Irizarry, and local New Orleans-based activists and scholars who can highlight the deep parallels between the legacies of divestment, disaster, and development between the Bronx and New Orleans.This screening is the result of an artistic and political collaboration between JPNSI, the PATOIS Collective, PUNCTUATE, and the Contemporary Arts Center. The trailer can be viewed here: