Thursday, Jan 16, 2020 8 PM


Snug Harbor
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626 Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, LA
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Danny Barker came up in New Orleans at a time when jazz was just getting started. He came from one of the great musical clans of New Orleans, the Barbarin family. His grandfather played in a brass band with some of the early greats of jazz; King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and then also Danny Barker's uncle, Paul Barbarin, who played with Armstrong as well as Henry "Red" Allen. While he had already begun to master the banjo by the time he was a young teenager, Barker then took up guitar upon a move to Chicago to see his uncle where his banjo was stolen, and was soon competing with adult guitarists on the Chicago scene. Over the course of a more than 70-year career, he played with Louis Armstrong , Cab Calloway , Billie Holiday , Wynton Marsalis and Dr. John . In his later years, Barker started a youth band in New Orleans that would help bring the brass band tradition into the 21st century. He is heralded among New Orleans musicians of several generations for his dedication as a mentor to so many young players. New Orleans guitar and banjo impresario Detroit Brooks , a legend in his own right, leads the annual Danny Barker Festival , and tonight presents the Danny Barker Tribute Band for a special show on what would have been Barker's 110th birthday. The Danny Barker Tribute Band features: Detroit Brooks - banjo, guitar Dr. Michael White - clarinet Gregg Stafford - trumpet, vocals Freddy Lonzo - trombone Mari Wantanabe - piano Kerry Lewis - bass Glenn Andrews - drums Topsy Chapman - vocals