Wednesday, Apr 17, 6-7:30 PM

District E – Moving New Orleans – Bike Network Planning Open House

Martin Luther King Jr. Library
Getting there
1611 Caffin Avenue, New Orleans, LA

Link: Moving New Orleans, Bikes is an effort to improve the safety of people riding so morepeople choose to use bikes for transportation. Along with transit, walking, and driving, bicycling is an important transportation option that provides numerous benefits to individuals, families, and our city -even for people who never ride! A better network will provide job access, health benefits, reduced demand for parking, and a general improvedquality of life. The City is embarking on a city-wide bike planning effort to create a completely connected, comfortable system of bike lanes that allow people on bikes to get to where they’re going, safely without inconveniencing drivers and walkers. Much like the current road and sidewalk infrastructure we have for motorists and pedestrians, protected bike lanes are located on or next to the road, but are physicallyseparated and only used by people riding bikes. The process kicks-off in April with a series of public input meetings about the existing network. A second series of meetings will occur in July with a proposed network plan. Through careful planning and public input, the 4-month process will build on recent progress to create a vision for the City’s network of connected, protected, and low-stress bikeways, including manymiles of bikeways that will be slated for rapid design and buildout. To achieve these goals will require strong community engagement from all road users - whether you ride your bike everyday or haven’t gotten onone in decades, we want you to be involved! Good bike infrastructure can help solve the mobility challenges we all share.