Thursday, Oct 10, 6-7 PM

Early Baseball in New Orleans: A History of 19th Century Play

New Orleans Jazz Museum
Getting there
400 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA

Second Thursday Lecture S. Derby Gisclair “Early Baseball in New Orleans: A History of 19th Century Play” October 10, 2019 Lecture begins at 6 pm inside the New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old U.S. Mint - 400 Esplanade Ave. This event is free and open to the public. In the 1800s, New Orleans’ local economy evolved from rural-agrarian into urban-industrial. With this transformation came newfound leisure time, which birthed the concept of organized sport. Though first considered a game for children, baseball became New Orleans’ most popular pastime, and by 1859, numerous baseball clubs had been established in the city. This book traces the development of baseball in New Orleans from its earliest recorded games in 1859 through the end of the 19th century, with a particular focus on the New Orleans Pelicans.