Sunday, Jun 24, 2018 2 PM


Octavia Books
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513 Octavia St (Corner of Laurel), New Orleans, LA
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Come join us when author/illustrator Elise Gravel presents her fun new book, THE MUSHROOM FAN CLUB , and leads a mushroom drawing session at Octavia Books! Elise Gravel explores the science of some of nature's weirdest and wildest characters-mushrooms! While the beautiful coral mushroom looks like it belongs under the sea, the peculiar lactarius indigo may be better suited for outer space. From the fun-to-stomp puffballs to the prince of the stinkers-the stinkhorn mushroom-and the musically inclined chanterelles, Gravel shares her knowledge of this fascinating kingdom by bringing each species to life in full felt-tip marker glory. THE MUSHROOM FAN CLUB promises to inspire kids to look more closely at the world around them and seek out all of life's little treasures, stinky or not! Elise Gravel is an author-illustrator from Montreal, Quebec. After studying graphic design, she pursued a career writing and illustrating children's books, where her quirky and charming characters quickly won the hearts of children and adults worldwide. In 2012, Gravel received the Governor General's Literary Award for La clé à molette . A prolific artist, she has more than thirty children's books to her name, which have been translated into a dozen languages-including the Disgusting Critters series and If Found . . . Please Return to Elise Gravel , her challenge to young artists to keep a sketchbook. Gravel lives in Montreal with her spouse, two daughters, cats, and a few spiders.