Saturday, Feb 16, 2019 10 PM

Emo Night New Orleans: Krewe Du Boo Hoo

Republic NOLA
Getting there
828 S Peters St, New Orleans, LA
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IT'S CARNIVAL TIME, SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! Going force yourself to be social with people that probably talked about you behind your back in high school and hope that you catch some beads or something.. wow, yay, awesome, right? Well get ready to pop the top on all that bottle of emotions you've been filling up, because on 2/16 following Krewe Du Vieux, you're taking part in your own parade, and we're making it rain sadness and sorrow all night long! Hurricane Season & Hey Thanks! are coming out in full force to give you your monthly fill of pop-punk & emo bangers to fill your inner angst once more!