Friday, Sep 28, 2018 10 PM

Emo Night NOLA: Karaoke Edition

Republic NOLA
Getting there
828 S Peters St, New Orleans, LA
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JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT COULDN'T GET ANY SADDER... We found a way to channel everyone's angst into one giant ball of anger.. WITH OPEN MIC KARAOKE, because what's sadder than a bunch of people with crippling social anxiety getting on stage in front of a crowd to sing their favorite songs to other people with equally bad social anxiety? Kidding... Or are we? Who knows! Open mic Karaoke starts at 10:30 and ends at 12:30(ish) depending on how many submissions we get. The Karaoke queue will be on a first come, first serve basis. PLEASE KNOW THE WORDS TO THE SONGS YOU REQUEST TO PERFORM... There will be no telepromter, no scrolling lyrics. Just the repressed memories you have from high school. SO MAKE DAMN SURE YOU KNOW THE LYRICS! We can't wait to get sad with all of you :(