Saturday, Sep 22, 1-2:30 PM

Enough is Enough Executive Self-Defense for Women

BLUE LION Karate Academy
Getting there
9954 Lake Forest Blvd, New Orleans, LA

Teaching you to protect yourself and loved ones during the holidays and all year round is top priority for GrandMaster O'Neal.
Learn self-defense with this Martial Arts Expert & National, International, and World Karate Champion who has trained the New Orleans Police Department, New Orleans Saints Players, and Corporate Executives.
GrandMaster O'Neal has produced some outstanding students such as Master Larnell Stovall who is one the top stunt coordinators and fight choreographers in the World, and Sensei Chief Eddie Compass who is the retired NOPD Chief of Police that secured the City during Hurricane Katrina.
This intensive 1 hour course is designed for all women regardless of age or physical ability.
You will learn basic and advanced proven self-defense techniques that can be employed in any dangerous situation.
Discover which common weapons you may already carry in your purse, and some you should be carrying.

Unlike some self-defense seminars that only talk about what to do if attacked, each Enough is Enough seminar gives you a chance to test out the techniques, and includes safety tips, and guest speakers.