Friday, Sep 28, 11 AM-1 PM

EO Louisiana and The New Orleans Chamber Presents: Navigating Challenging Conversations: Breakthrough Conflict with Drs

Intercontinental New Orleans
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444 ST. CHARLES STREET, New Orleans, LA

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“Navigating Challenging Conversations: Breakthrough Conflict” with Drs. Peter and Susan Glaser One issue confronts all entrepreneurs: What do you do when you don’t agree with key stakeholders — and walking away isn’t an option? How can you create thought partners from adversaries? Innovators understand that conflict can lead to growth and prevent a business from becoming stale, but that only happens when business leaders discover how to navigate through life’s deadlocks, and create agreement from discord. Even with the best of intentions, many of us react automatically and emotionally, making communication blunders that take a toll on our professional and personal lives. The groundbreaking work of Drs. Glaser offers evidence-based, tangible skills for turning high stakes conversations into solved problems, strengthened relationships and deepened trust. EO members learn how to turn conflict into a tool for innovation and growth — especially when emotions are high and the outcome is important. The goal: enhanced productivity, interpersonal cohesion and financial performance.
Based on 40 years of international award-winning research, the Glasers present pragmatic models, including how to raise delicate issues, to convince without being overbearing, and to constructively resolve conflict. Their refreshingly clear approach features flexible guidelines and progressive steps to develop and sustain strong positive relationships—and, when necessary, to repair damaged ones.

The Glasers’ presentation style is unique. Former actors as well as award winning researchers and university professors, the Glasers utilize their dramatic skills to recreate compelling conflict scenarios directly from the lives of EO members. This program offers concrete skills and tools to transform conflict into solved problems, strengthened relationships, and deepened trust. Participants will learn research based, field-tested skills to:
DECODE the hidden world of non-verbal communication to understand what people are really saying. TEACH people how their behavior is a problem without making them feel defensive. CONVERT criticism from defensiveness and blame to insight and agreement. RAISE difficult issues that simultaneously solve problems and strengthen relationships. TRANSFORM the business culture from avoidance to positive engagement.. CREATE trust through conflict. Any non member, partner or accelerator reserved tickets will be cancelled, unless confirmed as a member's guest. Non-members can register via general ticket type when available.
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