Wednesday, Jul 31, 8 AM-4 PM

Equity-Centered Design Thinking and Innovative Mindsets, New Orleans

Columbia Parc
USD 550.00 - USD 1650.00., $550.00-$1650.00
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1400 Milton Street, New Orleans, LA
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This three-day institute immerses participants in equity-centered design thinking, and dives deeply into how empathy leads to impactful, equitable and innovative solutions to real-world problems. This three-day institute will immerse participants in the process of equity-centered design thinking, and take attendees on a deep dive into how empathy can lead to more impactful, equitable and innovative solutions to real-world problems. Professionals will walk away with a strong understanding of the tools needed to set aside biases and assumptions when creating impactful solutions and cultivating a space of creative process. Attendees will learn meaningful notice and reflection techniques that drive problem-solving, risk-taking and emphasize embracing failure while using creativity to make unique connections. Key Content: - Immerse yourself in the equity-centered design process as a tool for innovative practice. - Reflect and synthesize desired mindsets to foster a creative space. - Apply design thinking to curriculum, standards and units of study. - Evaluate authentic opportunities to partner with industry so that students can foster creative and innovative problem-solving skills. Who Should Attend: - Teachers - Administrators - Instructional coaches - Educators at all levels - Industry professionals - Anyone interested in taking their teaching to an innovative practice - Schools on the cutting edge of innovation in education Cost: $550 End Date: August 02, 2019. Category: Classes / Courses | Professional Training | Classes, Courses & Workshops. Sub-Categories: Classes / Courses | Academic / Learning, Classes / Courses | Professional Training. Price Details: Purchase One Ticket: USD 550.00, Institute Bundle (Buy Three Get One On Us): USD 1650.00.