Monday, Jul 9, 1-4 PM

Essence Festival 2018… 2nd Vacation ON ME!!!!

Are you ready for Essence Festival! SNAG A BUDDY presents TWO VACATIONS IN ONE. JOIN the fun and bring friends!!! ACCOMMODATION prices start ONLY at $352 pp to an AMAZINGLY $600 pp for a FIVE DAY, FOUR NIGHT accommodation stay within our four rented Lofts!!!!! YYEESSS!!! Space for Days!!!! Our Lofts are located 1 block from Bourbon Street, 3 minute walk from Conti Street, a 30 second walk to Canal Street, and walking distance to Mercedes Superdome and the Ernest Morial Convention Center. Every guest will receive a welcome gift and Thursday night we will have a Mix and Mingle event with FOOD of course!!!!!!For our High Roller Guests paying $600 pp, each will receive a 3 night, 2 Day vacation certificate for a future vacation (Wow, TWO VACATIONS IN ONE!!!). If you don't want the second vacation, your rate will be reducedBeds are based on double occupancy so bring a friend!!!! If you want a solo King or Queen, message me separately for pricing. Join the fun, meet new friends, and leave as family!!!! Deposits are ONLY $100 pp.... Due December 1. King beds- double occupancy $150 pp/pn BRING and extra friend for free (Divde it up $400/pp) ONLY NEED A SAFE PLACE TO SLEEP, right????? Queen beds- double occupancy $150 pp/pn Day Beds (single occupancy) $100 pp/pn Futon (single occupancy) $88 pp/pn Remember, we here to party!!! #NOLA Marilyn Monroe Suite: 2 queens/ 2 futonsBourbon Suite: 2 Kings/2 futonsBig Easy Suite: 1 King/ 2 Day beds/ 1 futonHollywood Suite: 2 Queens/1 Day Bed/1 futon * If you want to fill an entire LOFT. Let me know :-) For more information, TEXT me at 215-490-3290 introducing yourself and asking your questions. I can call you if you want as well. Text that number and type MORE NOLA INFORMATION and I will call you back. For pictures of the Lofts: go to SHARE and LIKE THE PAGEPayment Schedules are as follows:Dec. 1- $100Jan. 15- $100Feb. 15- $100March 15- $100If you have a remaining balance...REMAINING BALANCE is DUE April 15, 2018*All payments are nonrefundable. * Failure to make payment before or on each due date will result in a $10 late fee per day. BOTTOM LINE, pay on time, and LET'S HAVE FUN!!!!