Monday, Jun 18, 2018 8 PM

Executrix, a two-woman play

The Fortress of Lushington
Getting there
2215 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, LA

Choosing a Hat Productions introduces a new original play written by Mason Joiner and directed by Big Easy nominee Joshua Courtney. Executrix depicts two middle-class women in 1945—Missy (Natasha Brown), assuredly queer, and Georgia (Elizabeth McCoy), engaged to a man in the War—on one of their customary secret rendezvous. However, on this evening, personal agendas threaten to change their relationship permanently.
Executrix is the second play in a cycle after Sycorax (2016). Don't worry if you missed Sycorax. Although their stories are tangent, Executrix is not a sequel.
Executrix runs June 14 – 17 and 21
– 24, Thursday – Sunday, 8:00 pm, at The Fortress of Lushington. Photo credit: Leslie Gamboni / Graphic design: Micah Conger