Saturday, Nov 2, 2019 7 PM

Explore New Orleans

cafe du monde
Getting there
800 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA

I pushed the date into future. I'm in Florida job hunting for QA Automation projects. My priority is finding work. I'm noticing that the only way I can arrange this is with a two to three week notice. I moved the date to the year 2019. I am busy with work and also there us only one person making comments. I will keep the event as a placeholder until there is more discussion in the comments section. I think I will ask for a small deposit when this becomes more definite so I can have the interest. Approximate Date Change The previous date was during Mardi Gras. It made the prices too high. I pushed the date out to a few weeks past the date for visiting me in MD. It is just a place holder until we find an optimal date. I want to check out New Orleans for a weekend. We arrive late on Friday night or very early Saturday by plane. We stay at a place around the price $150 a night in downtown so we don't have to rent a car. We can share rooms if we want. I'd like to use a hop on/off tourist bus service and play it by ear. Please RSVP if interested. Let me know of good weekends. Thanks, Kevin