Thursday, May 27, 7-10:30 PM

Extended + Brad Walker: Concert Film Premiere & Live Performance

New Orleans Jazz Museum

Brad Walker and Extended are proud to announce the release of their hour-long concert film, ‘Live from Esplanade Studios', recorded at the legendary studio in January of 2021. The film is the culmination of an ongoing collaboration between two of the most compelling forces on the New Orleans creative music scene: Walker, with a decade of award-nominated and nationally-reviewed records, and Extended, which features three of the leading lights of the jazz scene in New Orleans: Oscar Rossignoli (piano), Matt Booth (bass), and Brad Webb (drums). This project is the result of their extensive work together during the Covid-19 shutdown, the culmination of which is this brand-new set of unique and compelling original music, developed together in isolation during some of the darkest months of the pandemic. We are delighted to finally be able to share it with you. The evening will consist of a short live performance by the ensemble, to be followed by the film and an artist Q&A, which will also feature director Varvara Degtiarenko and producer Brian Seeger. Tickets are $15 and will be available for purchase starting Tuesday, May 4. This event will take place outdoors. Cash bar will be available. Purchase tickets today: