Monday, Nov 4, 2:30-3:30 PM

Extra Helpings: Financial Planning for Hospitality Workers


“Extra Helpings” is an educational seminar series that serves the hospitality industry with a focus on career development, wellness, and technology. Offered free of charge to all members of the industry, it aims to inform and empower those who are contributing to hospitality’s ongoing evolution in New Orleans and beyond. Each conversation features speakers with wide-ranging backgrounds, serving as an opportunity for students and professionals to build skill sets, network with peers, and discover resources in the community. Financial planning isn't intuitive or easy for most people working in the hospitality industry. Hourly rates, long shifts, and high turnover can make it feel impossible to plan for retirement, life insurance, and other forms of financial stability. Meredith Graf's mission is to change that. Most of Meredith's clients work in hospitality, either in restaurants or as aspiring entrepreneurs, and she helps them map out clear financial plans based on their current situations and long-term goals. Meredith specializes in teaching everything from basic budgeting to retirement planning, and she's excited to share her secrets for financial literacy. This series is exclusively open to members of the hospitality industry. Please RSVP! About Meredith Graf Meredith Graf is a born and raised New Orleanian with a lifelong passion for food. Her earliest memories center around mealtime as a means of cultivating relationships with laughter. Now, having gone into her family's business as a licensed insurance agent, she is able to bring this passion full circle. Many of her clients are local restaurants or investors who seek to open a restaurant, maintain their current business, or make plans for growing their business.