Monday, Oct 21, 2:30-3:30 PM

Extra Helpings: Menu Planning for Health-Minded Customers


“Extra Helpings” is an educational seminar series that serves the hospitality industry with a focus on career development, wellness, and technology. Offered free of charge to all members of the industry, it aims to inform and empower those who are contributing to hospitality’s ongoing evolution in New Orleans and beyond. Each conversation features speakers with wide-ranging backgrounds, serving as an opportunity for students and professionals to build skill sets, network with peers, and discover resources in the community. As definitions of "healthy" food change and evolve, so too do customers' requests and needs. How should the hospitality industry respond to these changes? Heather Nace brings her expertise to nutrition, good food, and their overlap. Chefs and cooks will learn practical skills for adapting existing menus and developing new dishes that are creative, sellable, scalable, and well-suited to customers' shifting preferences. This series is exclusively open to members of the hospitality industry. Please RSVP! About Heather Nace Heather Nace's goal is to inspire others to achieve better health by sharing her knowledge and passions for food, nutrition, cooking, and where they all intersect. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University, following a twelve-year real estate career in her hometown of Baltimore, MD. Now, she works at the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane University and is pursuing a career as a registered dietitian with a one-year dietetic internship of supervised practice in various sites around New Orleans (including NOCHI!).