Monday, Dec 9, 2:30-3:45 PM

Extra Helpings: Tools for Professional Negotiations


“Extra Helpings” is an educational seminar series that serves the hospitality industry with a focus on career development, wellness, and technology. Offered free of charge to all members of the industry, it aims to inform and empower those who are contributing to hospitality’s ongoing evolution in New Orleans and beyond. Each conversation features speakers with wide-ranging backgrounds, serving as an opportunity for students and professionals to build skill sets, network with peers, and discover resources in the community. Professional negotiation -- especially in the notoriously challenging world of hospitality -- has a daunting reputation. Lelia Gowland is here to help you reclaim it. She'll show you how to hone skills you already have (and might not even realize it) to become a better advocate for yourself in the workplace. Participants will develop a range of strategies and leave with greater confidence in negotiation. This series is exclusively open to members of the hospitality industry. Please RSVP! About the Speaker Lelia Gowland started her company, Gowland LLC, because people kept coming to her for support in career decision-making. Now a sought-after speaker and writer on workplace dynamics, particularly as they pertain to women, Lelia writes frequently for publications such as Forbes and NBC News. She has been profiled in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire for her unique approach. As a New Orleans native and enthusiast, freely uses the word “y’all” and dedicates an entire closet to costuming.