Monday, Jun 3, 6-8 PM

Feminist Frameworks Workshop with Eliza McDermott

Glitter Box N.O.
Getting there
1109 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA

Feminist Frameworks Workshop with Eliza McDermottThis 2 hr introductory workshop is part history of feminism & part exploration of your personal practice of feminism. Through interactive workshopping and guided conversation, we’ll go over the ideologies and practices at the heart of feminist thought and activism in the States. We’ll celebrate accomplishments and acknowledge the shortcomings of different feminist frameworks in history and society while also exploring how the different frameworks have colored our lives and worldviews in different ways. We will also briefly explore the relationship between feminism, patriarchy, and white supremacy.Eliza McDermott, MA Philosophy, has a background in feminist ethics and critical theory. As an educator, Eliza teaches and develops original humanities curricula for youth and adult learners in alternative settings. Her interactive teaching methods marry historical and theoretical learnings with personal experience so participants cultivate both a deeper understanding of complex social dynamics and greater self-awareness. Read more about her at