Thursday, Aug 22, 7-9 PM


Getting there
824 Elmwood Park Blvd., New Orleans, LA

Welcome - My name is James and you joined OUR MEETUP to become financially literate and for financial success by attending Personal Finance Workshops and taking a Financial Checkup. Also to consider an opportunity to start a business in the Financial Services industry.Become financially literate in Personal Finance and get on the path to financial success and financial independence through financially education using 5 workshops.WSB--NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR FINANCIAL LITERACYWSB--FINANCIAL FOUNDATION EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM (5 WORKSHOPS)WORKSHOP (1A) INCREASE CASH FLOW---1 1/2 HOURS (1B) DEBT MANAGEMENT------1 1/2 HOURSWORKSHOP (2A) BUILDING A STRONG FINANCIAL FOUNDATION -----1 1/2 HOURS (2B) PROPER PROTECTION-----1 1/2 HOURSWORKSHOP (3A) BUILDING WEALTH----------1 1/2 HOURS (3B) ASSET ACCUMULATION---1 1/2 HOURSWORKSHOP (4A) RETIREMENT PLANING----1 1/2 HOURS (4B) WEALTH PRESERVATION--1 1/2 HOURSOPTIONAL:WORKSHOP (5) BUILDING A BUSINESS IN THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY---1 1/2 HOURSA certificate of financial literacy will be issued after completing the 4 workshops.We are a community of Financial Professionals thru out North America on a mission to deliver the best financial education and revolutionize the financial services industry through a reliable, build-able system.We promote financial literacy and Financial independence by helping people build a strong financial future.A New Business ModelAs a Senior Marketing Director (similar to a (GA) General Agency, you recruit and grow associates in a strong base shop and earn overrides on their sales.These strong leaders build more strong leaders to become SMDs and create their own base shops. And here is part of our difference: Even though associates are promoted to the same contract level as you, you continue to receive income on their business through overrides because you helped them develop their businesses. There is no limit to the number of base shops you can help develop. As your team grows you continue to receive overrides, while they go on to achieve success – the same or more than yours – in the financial services industry. You, as their leader, are completely vested in their nearly limitless success .We have several types of events, ranging from upbeat Financial workshops, Training Academy for business building and advancement (2 days) presented by the biggest builder in the Financial Industry, Conventions, to relaxed Socials and International Travel.Save Your Future Finance 101 workbook provides Basic Principles of Building a Financial Foundation in an easy to read format. Cost is $3Financial Foundation Educational Program workbook is helpful in remembering the key points and provides a guide for your personal finances. Cost is $3Workshops are independent and you may take them in any order.This is a Business Environment. Dress: Business Casual please. We look forward to meeting you.Bring a Friend.