Thursday, May 9, 7-9 PM

Financial Literacy for Financial Success

Getting there
824 Elmwood Park Blvd., New Orleans, LA

FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS/ BECOME PART OF A NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR FINANCIAL LITERACY. BECOME FINANCIALLY LITERATE AND BECOME EMPOWERED TO HAVE A BETTER FINANCIAL FUTURE. ATTEND 5 FREE PERSONAL FINANCE WORKSHOPS AND HAVE A FREE FINANCIAL CHECKUP. FREE FINANCIAL WORKSHOPS: 1. INCREACE CASH FLOW & DEBT MANAGEMENT 2. BUILDING A STRONG FINANCIAL FOUNDATION & PROPER PROTECTION 3. BUILDING WEALTH & ASSET ACCUMULATION 4. RETIREMENT PLANNING & WEALTH PRESERVATION 5. BUILDING A BUSINESS IN THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY Help everyone gain a free, financial education and insight into how their money works.We promote financial literacy and freedom by helping people build a strong financial foundation.This group is for anyone who may be interested in:-Becoming a part of a fun, meaningful group-Gaining a personal financial education-Making better financial decisions to better protect their family-Earning more, saving more, and growing more money-Receiving the opportunity to make more money on a part time basis-Learning how to...» pre-fund their child’s college costs» budget» combat inflation-Improving their financial situation by…» evaluating current financial products» becoming debt free» preparing for retirement» choosing the best investment options» becoming properly insured» understanding your taxes