Saturday, Nov 17, 10 AM-12 PM

Foraged Centerpiece at the Nature Center

Audubon Nature Center
Getting there
Nature Center Drive, New Orleans, LA

Join biophilic designers Jeanne and Stephen Luna of Luna Botanicals for an immersive experience at Audubon’s Nature Center! Nature is the ultimate palette for creativity, and this immersive botanical class at the Nature Center provides a wonderland of natural creative opportunities. We focus on the mindful aspects of connecting with nature in an immersive and creative capacity. Luna Botanicals will lead the class through the woods in foraging for the natural materials needed to make a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece. Guests will be guided on the textures, colors, plants, sticks and other natural oddities that botanical art come alive. With the foraged materials in hand as well as tillandsias and Luna Botanicals specimen materials, you will construct a work of natural art in the form of a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Take your centerpiece with you, and enjoy it in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, letting it be a reminder of the joy that comes with immersion and connection with nature. ***Pre-registration is required. Email
with any questions.