Tuesday, Jun 26, 8 AM-12 PM

Framing Equity & Conflict on School Boards – Module I (June 2018)

Aloft New Orleans Downtown
Getting there
225 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA

The challenge of providing equity and excellence in public school contexts is one of the most common obstacles faced by
school board members.
This module is designed to provide participants with the theoretical and practical tools needed to overcome today’s educational challenges in their roles focused on district governance. This workshop supports the full professional and personal growth in ways previously not offered to school board members. Our design facilitates the exploration and learning of key issues, concepts, ideas, understandings, and practices in American education. Throughout this two and one half-day workshop, participants will engage with challenging ideas, reflect on contemporary practices, and undertake serious revision of existing solutions and remedies.
Further, participants will understand their conflict resolution style and how to engage others by better understanding their ways of engaging.
Because of this learning experience, participants will leave as more able conflict mediators, more culturally aware and mindful leaders, and more effective at participating in a discourse about equity in public schools. Visit the website at: