Monday, Sep 23, 7-9 PM


Getting there
824 ELMWOOD PARK BLVD, New Orleans, LA

Welcome - My name is James and you joined OUR eventbrite event to become financially literate and for financial success by attending Personal Finance Workshops and taking a Financial Checkup. Become financially literate in Personal Finance and get on the path to financial success and financial independence through financially education using 5 workshops.WSB--NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR FINANCIAL LITERACYWSB--FINANCIAL FOUNDATION EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM (5 WORKSHOPS)WORKSHOP (1A) INCREASE CASH FLOW---1 1/2 HOU (1B) DEBT MANAGEMENT------1 1/2 HOURSWORKSHOP (2A) BUILDING A STRONG FINANCIAL FOUNDATION ---1 1/2 HOURS (2B) PROPER PROTECTION-----1 1/2 HOURSWORKSHOP (3A) BUILDING WEALTH----------1 1/2 HOURS (3B) ASSET ACCUMULATION---1 1/2 HOURSWORKSHOP (4A) RETIREMENT PLANING----1 1/2 HOURS (4B) WEALTH PRESERVATION--1 1/2 HOURSOPTIONAL:WORKSHOP (5) BUILDING A BUSINESS IN THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY---1 1/2 HOURSA certificate of financial literacy will be issued after completing the 4 workshopsWe are a community of Financial Professionals thru out North America on a mission to deliver the best financial education and revolutionize the financial services industry through a reliable, build-able system.We promote financial literacy and Financial independence by helping people build a strong financial future.Save Your Future Finance 101 workbook provides Basic Principles of Building a Financial Foundation in an easy to read format. Cost is $3Financial Foundation Educational Program workbook is helpful in remembering the key points and provides a guide for your personal finances. Cost is $3Workshops subjects are independent and you may take them in any order.This is a Business Environment. Dress: Business Casual please. We look forward to meeting you.Bring a Friend.