Saturday, Nov 17, 5-6 PM

Get Pregnant Faster, Easier and Less Stressfully: A Workshop

Strictly Salt of Metairie, LLC

Yes, you can increase your chances of a healthy conception and baby.Join us for an intimate workshop where you will learn what steps to take to help you get pregnant faster, easier and less stressfully. Science shows that mind/body wellness programs increase live birth rates, and that's what we do.
Again, even when suffering from health issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, and low-quality sperm, you can improve your chances of success with specific lifestyle changes. Even if you are using reproductive technology to conceive, you can improve your chances of success. So let's talk about it.
All people on the reproductive spectrum are welcome. This event is for you if you are: just starting to plan for a baby actively tryinghave already experienced pregnancy loss have experienced failed cycles with medications, IUI, IVF, ICSIare having trouble conceiving after already having (a) child(ren)couples planning for gamete donationThis event is not for you if you:Will not be using any of you or your partner's DNA/body for conception/pregnancyThis will be a judgement free, safe, intimate space for women of all backgrounds, stories and concerns. Join us.