Sunday, Apr 7, 2019 1 PM

Ghost Train! (Savage Worlds)

D4 Gaming Cafe
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8228 Oak St., New Orleans, LA
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Dr. Darius Hellstromme, convinced that he'll get to see his long deceased wife in St. Louis, is tricked into creating an infernal train built for spreading death and destruction. The train screams as at burns across the plains, fueled by the life force of its unsuspecting passengers. Your gang of righteous deputies is the only hope for weird-western justice to prevail. This will be a one-shot, one session, adventure using the Savage Worlds system, set loosely in a world based on The Sixth Gun RPG. No prior experience is needed to play, and the GM will have dice available. Pre-generated characters will be available in the following classes: Hexslinger, Law Dog, Preacher, Relic Hunter, and Soldier. See photo file attached for more info. Please RSVP and stay tuned for potential updates!