Friday, Oct 25, 2019 9 PM-Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 1 AM

Hades’ Garden: The New Orleans Masquerade

New Orleans Athletic Club
Getting there
222 North Rampart Street, New Orleans, LA

You are invited to the most extravagant and elaborate Masquerade the likes of which have never been seen. Join us in the Underworld of New Orleans for one weekend to celebrate the Goddess Persephone’s arrival to Hades. The Story Once apon a time, there was a beautiful floral maiden, her name was Persephone and she was the Goddess of flowers and spring growth. The King of the Underworld known as the mighty Hades spied her in a meadow one beautiful day, he instantly fell in love on seeing her fragile form painting flowers. He decided he must have her for his own and kidnapped to her to the Underworld to become his Queen. Demeter, Persephone's mother, the Goddess of the harvest, was devastated when she discovered her daughter’s whereabouts. She demanded that Hades return her daughter to the world above. Hades agreed but on one condition, Persephone must have not consumed anything while during her stay in the underworld. Unfortunately Persephone had consumed one thing during her stay - she had eaten 6 pomegranate seeds. They agreed to a comprise, for 6 months she could return to the world above with her mother, in which time spring and summer would occur and the flowers would bloom in celebration, and then when she had to leave her mother, fall and winter would descend across the land. Each year when Persephone would return to the Underworld Hades noticed she would be saddened. And so each October he decided to throw her a grand celebration in preparation for her return. Each October he would create a beautiful garden inside the underworld to remind her of the precious world above, and make her feel welcome. He would invite all of the light creatures from above, the fairies, the fae, the nymphs, satyrs, sirens etc to journey to the underworld for one weekend to celebrate Persephone’s arrival. You are now invited to the celebration, which party will you be in? Persephone’s guests are those of the light, the fairies and maidens, and Hades’ guests are the dark creatures, the demons, vampires, dark elven creatures etc. You may pick which guest you represent, and a different story will await you. Performances Burlesque, fire, fan dancing, jugglers, stilt walkers etc. Attire Fantasy, Ball gowns, masks, tuxedos, tail coats, ascot ties, jabots, fairies, fae, satyrs, mermaids, elegant dresses, horns. Not allowed: T-shirts, jeans, sneakers/trainers. Casual attire is not allowed and even if you have tickets you will not be allowed into the Masquerade, dress to impress!