Thursday, Sep 5, 9-11 PM

Harlequeen presents, Honor Thy Mother: She Who?

Three Keys
Getting there
600 Carondelet St., New Orleans, LA
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Honor Thy Mother: She Who? A showcase of NOT MALE Drag! Faux Queen, Bio Queen, Hyper Queen, Non-Binary Queen, Flip Queen, Female Queen, A Drag Queen trapped in a Woman's Body - call it what you will but we just call it DRAG. Please join us for a large and in charge evening of some of the best not male Drag Queens in the bizness. Your host for the evening is the diminutive dynamo himself, that 5 foot tall ultimate pick-up artist, direct from the sock drawer to the shower to the stage, the wonderful Napoleon Complex. With a cast of thousands (or at least a dozen) including TITI BABY, Maryboy, Rogue Rouge, Virginia Slimjim, Tarah Cards, Lash Wednesday, CeCe V DeMenthe, Besame Culo, SHOCTAVIA, Chrysalis, Shebrew Internationale, Lady Beast, and Glamdromeda Strange. She, she who? she WHO? she, WHO SHE? . . . She SHE who, She, she SHE she SHE, she SHE who SHEEE WHOOOOOO