Saturday, Mar 30, 10 AM-12 PM

Healthy Cooking Class w/ NOLAYP

Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine

NOLAYP will be going to the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine for a cooking class! The class can accommodate up to 24 people. Menus generally include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes, with each group preparing about 3 recipes each. The recipes all focus on making healthy food easy, affordable, and most importantly delicious. Their hope is to introduce some fun new recipes that participants will enjoy and can be easily be included into their weekly cooking. You don’t need any prior experience to participate - they are there to provide the help and confidence to make cooking easy! *NOTE* There are no refunds for tickets, but they are transferable. You have to work out the payment with the person you transfer the ticket to. ***If you are a non-member and purchase a NOLAYP member ticket, your ticket will be canceled and your money will be refunded (not transferred to a guest ticket). We are not able to help if you lose your spot in the class after your ticket is canceled.