Saturday, May 26, 7-10 PM

#HerVision18 Weekend

#HerVision18 Weekend, the premier event presented by the #IAmSimplyBeautiful Global Movement and is for women who are ready to not only take their vision to the next level, but also take their life to new heights. From networking and vision planning and creation to open dialogue and recognition to powerful women making an impact in society, this weekend is sure to leave you not only wanting more in your life and vision, but taking the necessary steps to make it a reality.
This years theme is: No Validation Needed!
It is so easy when you are walking towards your vision to seek other people's approval or validation of what you are doing, but what many fail to realize is that your vision was placed in you by God for a reason and YOU may be the only person that sees that it can become a reality and the benefits it will have in your life and in the world and thats okay. It is time to declare, No Validation Needed, and keep it moving! We will cover the following topics during our presentations during the #HerVision Summit on Friday and Saturday: Friday - Create your Life Vision
- Whats your Confidence IQ - Motivation when you have NONE - Create your HERVISION Board for the 2nd half of 2018 More topics to be announced... Saturday - Build your Business Vision - A Hashtag doesn't equal a movement, what does? - Rockstar Social Media Moves for Beginners - Online Community Building - Building Your Vision from the Ground Up - Cryptocurrency for Beginners More topics to be announced... Tentative Schedule Friday Day - Summit with Speakers Friday Night - #IAmLivingOutLoud Book Launch Saturday Day - Summit with Speakers Saturday Night - #iSHINE Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Sunday Day - Special Brunch with Ambassadors & Exclusive VIP Attendees Sunday Afternoon - Crawfish Boil and Ashley A. Love‘s Birthday Celebration
Speakers will be announced in the coming days...Stay Tuned!
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