Tuesday, Mar 2, 6-7:30 PM

History of Preservation in the United States – 2021 FOC Lecture Series

History of Preservation in the United States Speaker Robert Cangelosi Jr. Tuesday, March 2nd via Zoom Room opens for 5:45 pm. Lecture begins at 6 p.m. _ $10 - Non FOC Members. Purchase tickets at: https://friendsofthecabildo.secure.force.com/ticket/#/instances/a0F3h000003fRLtEAM Free for FOC Members register at https://friendsofthecabildo.org/foc-events-calendar/ _ The Friends of the Cabildo will host a series of lectures throughout 2021 on varies topics that will interest you. _ Check back with this event page or www.friendsofthecabildo.org for future lecture dates and time. _ To join the Friends of the Cabildo give us a call at 504.523.3939 or visit https://friendsofthecabildo.org/become-a-member