Wednesday, Mar 18, 9 PM-12 AM

Hydra Plane, Chico, Dana Ives at Gasa Gasa

Gasa Gasa
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4920 Freret St, New Orleans, LA
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Psyche! Rock! Fun! Chico A Psychedelic Prog Rock band born AND raised in Nashville, TN. Hydra Plane Drawing inspiration from the musical worlds of American, Latin, and African jazz, as well as classic psychedelic and modern indie rock, New Orleans based band Hydra Plane composes and performs lively, intricate music that ranges from delicate, heart-felt pop songs, to energetic and rhythmically driven modern jazz compositions. Through careful attention to dynamics, improvisation, and interplay, the four-piece strives to provide a fresh take on the modern rock band. Dana Ives Dana Ives is a New Orleans based post-punk/indie rock band. They combine a raw, distorted sound with tongue in cheek lyrics, samples, heavy doses of ‘verb and the occasional hints of Americana trumpet. The band has garnered a lot of influence from the works of Ian MacKaye, Isaac Brock, and David Byrne. Band founders, Matt Ernst (guitar and vocals) and Ethan Wallace (drums) are both from the badlands of sunny California. They spent their childhoods immersed in local bands until relocating separately to New Orleans once they became of age. They met coincidentally in the peaks of their youth where they found themselves having the same desires for aggressive/heavy music - causing them to partner up and create Dana Ives. As they both delved deeper into their passions for similar taste and sound - they began forming the idea for their upcoming EP. This EP seeks to challenge the traditional views of the American hero, battling characters media has grown to love and portray, such as John Wayne. Their rejection of the John Wayne stereotype gave them a sense of freedom that allowed them to speak more openly on topics of manic personality , love and what it means to be a man. Dana Ives can be found in New Orleans playing monthly shows. The band will be releasing their debut EP in the spring of 2019 and the band plans to follow the release with a tour in the summer of 2019. DOORS 8:00 // SHOW 9:00