Thursday, Jul 4, 2019 6 AM-Friday, Jul 5, 2019 2 AM


HappyLand Theater
Getting there
3126 Burgundy St, New Orleans, LA
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BREAKFAST TIL 11AM OR WHEN SUPPLIES RUN OUT! 6:00-6:20am Michael Martin 6:20-7:00am Claude Whitscell 7:00-7:20am Elizabeth Perm McCoy 7:20-7:40am Laurie Rae Dietrich 7:40-8:00am Sunshine Martinez 8:00-8:40am Michael Tisserand 8:40-9:00am Sara Jacobelli 9:00-9:20am Bradford Rhines 9:20-9:40am Lidia Altagracia 9:40-10:00am Brenda Currin 10:00-10:20am Tracey Collins 10:20-11:00am Cammie West 11:00-11:20am Trina Beck 11:20-11:40am Jonathan Drury 11:40-noon Coco Cruse noon-12:20pm Carolyn Hembree 12:20-1:00pm Carl Palmer 1:00-1:20pm Velvet Spade 1:20-1:40pm Kate Adair 1:40-2:00pm Diana E.H. Shortes 2:00-2:20pm Jessica Bordelon Mashael 2:20-2:40pm Denise Jena 2:40-3:00pm Harold Gervais 3:00-3:20pm Trent Davis 3:20-3:40pm Michael Patrick Welch 3:40-4:00pm Quinn Laroux 4:00-4:20pm Kendra Unique 4:20-4:40pm Megan Eileen Kosmoski 4:40-5:00pm Ian Hoch 5:00-5:20pm Ariadne Blayde 5:20-5:40pm Melanie Morel Ensminger 5:40-6:00pm Jim Meadows 6:00-6:20pm Mary Griggs 6:20-7:00pm Rex Mantooth 7:00-7:20pm Kynt Kenneth Bryan 7:20-7:40pm Maggie Blaeser 7:40-8:00pm Seth Lee 8:00-8:20pm Missy Wilkinson 8:20-8:40pm Louis Maistros 8:40-9:00pm Coleen Murphy 9:00-9:40pm Kathleen Halm 9:40-10:00pm Bremner Duthie 10:00-10:40pm Rebecca Rae 10:40-11:00pm Mikko 11:00-11:20pm Marciacissm (Marcus Gandy) 11:20-11:40pm Danielle Small 11:40-midnight Brooke Volkert midnight-12:40am James Philip Karst 12:40-1:00am Chaos 1:00-1:20am Dick Jones 1:20-1:40am Ray Mikell 2:00 or thereabouts Chuck Perkins [Please note: However far we fall behind, however many ringers we have to grab, CHUCK CLOSES THE SHOW.] Brooke Volkert, Dominic Giardina, and Aura Bishop are our stage managers so far. All will read at some point. We need a few more. Jacob Germain of Krewe of Vaporwave will provide cool visuals. Jeff Mattsson of Happyland Theater will provide good breakfast. Baba Yaga will play The Redactions. For more information, contact cloveproductions@gmail.