Wednesday, Dec 18, 6-8 PM

Improv for Creative Collaboration

Wit/Craft improv studio
Getting there
222 N. Miro St., New Orleans, LA

Whether you are a team leader or team player, collaborating in groups of any size for any reason can be challenging. How do you keep everyone engaged? How do you make brainstorming productive? How do you maximize the potential of your smart and talented team members? Creativity happens when we listen to what each person says, accepts each person’s input, and builds upon each person’s ideas with specificity. This is the “yes, and” principle of improv, and using a few easy-to-implement principles can improve creative collaboration. This workshop guides participants through improv exercises that focus on the four skills of listening, accepting, adding, and being specific. The experience gained can easily be transitioned into any business, nonprofit, or creative endeavor where successful teamwork is critical to success. Instructor: Carrie Moulder Prerequisite: Intro to Improv or prior completion of a level 1 improv class Cost: $20 If you are unable to afford this class, please email us at so we can work out a payment plan, trade, or discount.