Tuesday, Jun 25, 1-3 PM

Intro to Reiki: Chakra Balancing 101

Esplanade at City Park
Getting there
3443 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA

Intro to Reiki: Chakra Balancing 101 This workshop is designed to give participants a working knowledge of the 7 major chakras and how they relate to processes in their bodies. It will also provide them with tips to cleanse each chakra and to become more aware of their bodies This workshop will feature: 1. Tea Talk - Participants will gather in a circle as I lead a discussion about the chakras and how they relate to different areas of the body and ways to cleanse each. We will of course drink tea and get to know each other as well. 2. Asana Practice - Participants will partake in a modified practice to explore different poses which benefit each chakra. Will include a vinyasa flow warm up and partner work! 3. Chakra Manifestation Activity (Art) - lastly, participants will partake in a brief art project to manifest or further explore the chakra they most identify with at that particular time. *Perfect Precursor to Journey to Reiki Training*