Thursday, Sep 6, 7-8:30 PM

Japan Society of New Orleans – Nihongo Renshuu

Nihongo Renshuu, or Japanese practice, is a casual learning experience for people wanting to learn Japanese. It�s easy to grab material to study but not so easy when it comes to practicing what you�ve studied. This program is for all Japanese learning levels, from beginner to expert. The reason for the large gap is how this program is formatted. Nihongo Renshuu will help your Japanese by putting it into use in ways such as talking with others and playing games. The most important part about learning a language is having enough interaction with it. This is not a formal Japanese class, but will have class-like aspects to the meetings such as a teaching segment. This program is meant to help with your Japanese studies. This is the first meeting of the ""semester,"" so we'll just be meeting each other, evaluating our levels and playing a game practicing hiragana.