Monday, Dec 31, 9 PM-12 AM

Jon Cleary’s Bigger Band

Chickie Wah Wah
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2828 Canal St, New Orleans, LA
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Jon Cleary & the Absolute Gentlemen with the addition of Horns for this New Year Eve Show.... Jon Clearys considerable skills as a tunesmith he is equally renowned around the globe as an accomplished keyboardist and guitarist, and a deeply soulful vocalist. Clearys thirty-five years of intensive hands-on work on the Crescent City scene has made him a respected peer of such New Orleans R&B icons as Dr. John and Allen Toussaint. Such diversity similarly characterizes the essence of Jon Clearys work and career. While thoroughly steeped in the classic Crescent City keyboard canon from Jelly Roll Morton to Fats Domino to Art Neville, James Booker, and beyond Cleary uses that centurys worth of pianistic brilliance as a point of departure to forge his own unique and eclectic style. As heard in the widely varied grooves and textures. Clearys sound incorporates such far-flung influences as 70s soul, gospel music, funk, Afro-Caribbean (and especially Afro-Cuban) rhythms and more. I love New Orleans R&B, Cleary explains. Im a student of it and a fan, first and foremost. But theres little point in just going back and re-recording the old songs although on my live solo shows, especially in New Orleans, I make a point of trying to keep the fast- disappearing tradition of the R&B pianist/singer alive by playing the old songs that are in danger of being forgotten. As for recording, however, I think the greatest New Orleans R&B records are the ones that built on what went before but also added something new. By writing new songs you get to channel all the music you absorb through your own individual set of filters and the fun is in seeing what emerges.