Friday, Apr 26, 8-10 PM

Jonathon Long

Chickie Wah Wah
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2828 Canal St, New Orleans, LA
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The road to Samantha Fishs Wild Heart Records winds along the Big Muddy through Baton Rouge, where young guitar players travel to learn from and experience the legacy left there by the likes of Buddy Guy, Kenny Neal, Tabby Thomas, Lightnin Slim and so many others who fueled that vibrant blues scene going back decades into the last century. Eighteen years into century twenty-one, Baton Rouge born Jonathon Long (hes retired Boogie-more on that later) has claimed his own share of that legacy. He has mined, refined and re-defined his beloved blues for over half of his 29 years. The shuffles and homages to the Kings and Collinss, along with his mastery of the red Gibson, have evolved into what will certainly be a milestone in that legacy, his third album, titled simply Jonathon Long.