Wednesday, Sep 11, 9 PM-12 AM

Juniper Douglas, Primpce, Tattered Rabbit, Acid Carousel

Gasa Gasa
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4920 Freret St, New Orleans, LA
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Doors at 9PM $5.00ADV / $6.00DOS Melt House Productions Tattered Rabbit Primpce Acid Carousel TX Juniper Douglas Is a music and theater performance company. In 2019 they have toured off of their studio album playing over 65 shows of “Error to Introspection”, a story boarded album performed with a 4 piece live band and actor. They are back on the road again this fall with a new piece called “3221” performed as a duo by Juniper Douglas’s curators Zeke Erickson and Yvonne Mont Martin. In the year 3221 human beings have over the millennium evolved to become something new: The Darling Species. In recent research by the Darling Species, Homo-Sapien data has been found for upload. Under Law 5325, it is required that any information, objects, or data found by the Darling Species, or it’s people must be displayed and experimented on publicly. It is up to the public to vote on weather or not the new information displayed will be beneficial to all living things on the planet: Earth.