Thursday, Apr 18, 6:30-9:30 PM

Keyforge Sealed Tournament

Go 4 Games
Getting there
701 David Drive, Metairie, LA

Keyforge players! Each week, we will run a Chainbound event so you can stuff your account with all the Keyforge shards possible! You will earn one for entering and one per win. The formats will be as follows: On the 1st/3rd Thursdays each month, we will run a sealed tournament for $12. On the 2nd/4th Thursday each month, we will run a bring-your-best-deck Archon brawl for $4. On the 5th Thursday each month, when they show up, we will flip the tables and run a bring-your-worst-deck Reversal format, where you give your worst deck to your opponent at the beginning of each round and get it back at the end of the round. This is also $4 (Note, Thursday, May 30th, will be Sealed as that is the release of the new set!) Come by and fight it out in the Crucible!