Saturday, Aug 3, 5:30-7 PM

Kick Back Professional Singles Club -Open Enrollment Now

On Demand
Getting there
6001 Bullard Ave, New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is known for its
Being The Big Easy
Now It's Time
For New Orleans To Be Known As The City Of Love Make Friends & Memories

Its time to enjoy frequent mature fun, which brings us to the start of the "Kick Back
Professional Singles Club". We are seeking Professional Singles, bring your creativity, talents, and ideas. Help plan vacations, staycations, parties, mixers and more. Our group is great for those who feel like the 3rd wheel when hanging with family and friends.
Whether you are a business owner of ther president of the company
this group is for you!
The big question is, Do I have to be single to join the group? As long as you are not married you can join the group Another question many ask is Do I hav to be Heterosexual to join the group? Our group does not discrimate to race, religion, or sexual orientation. Is their a membership fee? Yes $99.99
with a monthly membership fee