Saturday, Nov 24, 8 AM-10 PM

LIONMAN Foundation’s Youth Extravaganza 2018 Souvenir Book Ads

Xavier University Convocation Center
Getting there
7910 Stroelitz Street, New Orleans, LA

Dear Madam/Sir I am writing to you on behalf of The LIONMAN Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization, supporting youth to achieve success through the principles of D.E.F. - Discipline! Education! and Fitness. At the helm of the LIONMAN Foundation is Founder and CEO, GrandMaster Eric O’Neal, Sr. – Seven (7) time United States Karate Alliance (USKA) World Karate Champion and a two (2) time Gold Medalist, listed in the Hall of Fame along with the Legendary Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. GrandMaster Eric O’Neal, Sr., through the LIONMAN Foundation, created The Legend Of LIONMAN One Million Kick Challenge, and The Legend Of LIONMAN And The Seven KURODOS, graphic novel series. Disney’s Martial Art Festival was one of the early partners of LIONMAN Foundation. This partnership produced The Legend Of LIONMAN Seven Young American Heroes 20-City Tour which was likened to American Idol meets Martial Arts while emphasizing education. That partnership lead to GrandMaster O’Neal receiving an invitation from the White House, and a partnership with Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move initiative for The Legend Of LIONMAN One Million Kick Challenge. Additional partners of The Legend Of LIONMAN One Million Kick Challenge include Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, SHAPE America with a vision of “50 Million Strong”, and Spark PE. LIONMAN Foundation has utilized these partnerships to further its’ mission of serving underprivileged children at partnering elementary, middle, and high schools nationally. The Foundation’s list of programs and accomplishments are too substantial in its entirety. While the aforementioned is worth stating, LIONMAN Foundation’s largest health initiative - The Legend Of LIONMAN One Million Kick Challenge - engaged more than 50 million people globally to help fight childhood obesity and “Kick Obesity Out Of America!” But GrandMaster O’Neal’s most current success resulted in the Foundations three year partnership with Orleans Parish School Arise Academy, where more than 70% of Arise students’ grades and behavior progressed as a result of the LIONMAN / BLUE LION Martial Arts Discipline and Enrichment Program. LIONMAN Foundation’s commitment to the youth began with the founding of BLUE LION Karate Academy in 1986 by GrandMaster O’Neal. . BLUE LION Karate Academy is one of the nation’s largest Martial Art schools, and often partners with LIONMAN Foundation. Utilizing a holistic approach to develop mind, body and spirit of the child, GrandMaster O’Neal began transforming the lives of children, of all ethnicities, to become Strong! Confident! and Successful! Among the 70,000 alumnae of BLUE LION Karate Academy are Master Larnell Stovall - one of the top stunt coordinators and fight choreographers in the world, Sensei Dr. Al Gourrier - Professor at Boston University and the youngest president ever to run a national bank, and Sensei Chief Eddie Compass - retired NOPD Chief of Police during Hurricane Katrina. The Foundation was established to expand the scope of BLUE LION Karate to serve underprivileged children developing the Discipline and Focus that leads to Success. Among the Board of Directors for LIONMAN Foundation, Inc. are GrandMaster Eric O’Neal, Sr. - President and CEO David L. Simon – Chief Advisor and Chief Operating Officer, legendary innovator in the world of film and

entertainment. He is a former President of DreamWorks Television Animation Studio with major experience with Fox and Disney. Jose Conseco – Legal Advisor, and managing member of TSB Ventures. Mr. Conseco formed TSB Ventures in April 2007 as a response to a lack of available venture capital for early stage companies in the state of Louisiana, and an abundance of lucrative investment opportunities within the surrounding region. Daniel Davillier – Legal Advisor, and founder of Davillier Law Group which handles a variety of cases including mediation, real estate, arbitration, civil litigation, contract negotiation, and corporate law, in addition to non-profits. Althea Braggs - Creative Advisor; founder of Destiny Productions - Our mission is to create quality entertainment and products that will inspire, uplift and captivate. Our slogan is "Turning Dreams into Reality!" GrandMaster Robert Parham - Advisor and VP of Public Relations at the Masters Hall of Fame, 5-time World Kickboxing Champion and Hollywood actor, writer, director and producer. Sensei Eddie Compass – Advisor, Chief of Security at Recovery School District and former Chief of Police for the New Orleans Police Department. WE NEED YOUR MONETARY CONTRIBUTION for the LIONMAN Foundation’s mega-fundraiser to benefit schools statewide that aspire to incorporate the LIONMAN / BLUE LION Martial Arts Discipline and Enrichment Program into their curriculum. The Legend Of LIONMAN Seven Young American Scholars Competition Youth Extravaganza is the event: Saturday, November 24, 2018, at Xavier University Convocation CenterTime: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. This event will attract thousands of diverse students, parents, teachers, Martial Artist and many others from around the State of Louisiana. The foundation’s goal is to raise $50,000.00. Our Foundation is humbled for large or small gift(s) and commitment. Thanking You in Advance For Your convenience: Please make checks payable to LIONMAN Foundation9954 Lake Forest Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70127 To learn more about the LIONMAN Foundation please visit us at or call us at 504.258.7773. Sincerely,