Thursday, Oct 17, 6-10 PM

Live at Chickie Wah Wah Music Bar: Kim Prevost/ Bill Solley and Phil DeGruy

Chickie Wah Wah

The trio, all natives of New Orleans, will perform a variety of jazz and soul music along with their sultry new originals. Don't miss Kim and Bill return to their native city of New Orleans featuring music from their latest release "Heal my Heart". Guitarist Phil Degruy will start the night with his solo guitar set and join the duo later for a wonderful finally. This performance will take place October 17, 2019 . Showtime begins at 6:00 PM . There will be a small admission fee. Facebook: Price: Live and Chickie WAH WAH Music Bar - Kim Prevost/Bill Solley and Phil Degruy Trio: USD 10.0 Artists: Kim Prevost, Bill Solley, Phil DeGruy