Thursday, Mar 25, 4:30 PM

Longenecker Lecture presented by the Tulane University Women’s Association

Tulane University
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Uptown Campus, New Orleans, LA
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Tulane University's Women's Association presents the 2020- 2021 Jane & Herbert Longenecker Lecture: "Interdisciplinary research and education in a biodiversity conservation hotspot" Featuring Dr. Jordan Karubian - Associate Professor in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, School of Science & Engineering, Tulane University In just the past few months, we have watched huge swaths of the United States and Amazon burn, weathered an unprecedented number of named storms in the Atlantic, sweated our way through the warmest year on record, and seen global society upended by a virus that jumped from wild animals to humans. To operate effectively in this rapidly changing world - and to make a positive impact - we all must understand the complex relationships that exist between the natural environment and human societies. Dr. Karubian will present on a unique project in northwestern Ecuador, where individuals from very different backgrounds and skill sets have come together to make a difference for both local residents and the environment. Join us to learn about this interdisciplinary effort and the real world conservation gains it has achieved. This is a free, online event.