Friday, Nov 2, 10 PM-12 AM

Loosen The Bible Belt in New Orleans

AllWays Lounge
Getting there
2240 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA
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What is Loosen the Bible Belt? This show is an effort to spread our "love everyone" message across the south. It features stand up comedy, live music and a little bit of open minded preaching from Jay Bakker . The event is intended to get people of all walks of life together, to have a great time. Who is Jay Bakker? Jay Bakker is the prodigal son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, who is a minister in his own right. Not just any minister, one that came out in support of LGBT people in 2006. Jay Bakker is a pastor, speaker, author of 3 books and is an LGBTQ rights advocate and fights for equality within the church. In 2012 Jay was honored to received PFLAGs first Strait for Equality in Faith Communities award. Today, he also host a new weekly podcast called This is Radio Cast where he discusses life with guests from all walks of life. More of Jay available at Who is Kristen Becker? Kristen Becker, the founder of the LLTB tour, founder of the Dykes of Hazard Comedy tour and has been a touring outspoken lesbian comic for over 15 years. A few years ago she started doing dome work on equality in the south (raised in Shreveport). The one thing they both have in common is their belief that all humans should be treated with love.