Saturday, Oct 20, 9 AM-3 PM

Louisiana Self-Defense and Concealed Carry Law

Gulf Coast Shooters
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3201 Danny Park, Metairie, LA

This course covers what every law-abiding Louisiana gun owner needs to know if they want to stay law-abiding! Everyone who owns or carries a gun for self-defense needs to know the applicable laws, and there is a lot of misinformation out there!
Come ready with all of your questions! Lunch will be provided at no additional cost! The course covers the following topics: Federal and State Constitutional Law Overview – What is Constitutionally protected? The use of force in self-defense under both criminal and civil law, including:

“Castle Doctrine” and “Stand your Ground”

Aggressor doctrine

Defense of others

Jurisprudence Civil Liability concerns and the Louisiana Self-Defense Civil Immunity Statute Concealed Carry Law, including:

Legal definition of “concealed”

Eligibility for permits and grounds for revocation

Obligations of permittees

Prohibited Locations – State, Federal, and Local


Criminal penalties Open Carry Law, including:

Legal definition of “Open Carry” and the boundaries between open and concealed.

Prohibited Locations and other concerns Knife law and the carrying of other weapons