Saturday, Mar 23, 5-7 PM

Lusher Arts Guild Academy Bourbon/Whiskey Tasting

2035 State St

Course description: All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Spend the evening learning what defines bourbon and how the ingredients, distilling methods, and environments make them different from one another. As we sip on five different spirits, we will discuss the tasting profiles and talk about how each are unique. Amongst the bourbons we will be tasting, one was awarded World’s Best Single Barrel Bourbon and another a Gold Medal at the World Whiskey Awards. Your instructor: Taylor Galyean Taylor Galyean’s family founded Smooth Ambler Spirits distillery in Maxwelton, WV. He helped launch new products and was the brand ambassador for Smooth Ambler in five states. When not extolling the virtues of well-made craft spirits, Taylor is the father of a Lusher lifer, does architectural design and invents hydrotherapy treatments.