Sunday, Jan 13, 10 AM-4 PM

Maker Krewe January 13th

St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Getting there
1160 Short St., New Orleans, LA

Visit for additional dates and details. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is your child a tinkerer? An inventor? A hands-on, open-it-up-and-see-how-it-works type of kid? Then you've come to the right place! Children need time to solve hard problems -- be it wiring LEDs to motorized cardboard, fashioning a self-powered boat, or building a simple robot that draws pictures.
A makerspace is an environment without interruptions. At Maker Krewe, there are plenty of tools and materials, as well as adult supervision and expertise, but the only deadlines are those that come naturally when a child is truly motivated to complete a project. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT: Maker Krewe is a gathering of young, creative makers who desire the time, tools and expertise necessary to solve meaningful hard problems. WHY: Because kids are natural born tinkerers and problem solvers, but rarely have the time they need to try and fail repeatedly until finally solving a problem or completing a meaningful project. WHERE: St. Andrew's Episcopal School -- Rear gate on Short St. near Oak St. WHEN: Sunday, January 13th. We'll be open 10 am to 4 pm. The more time your child has to work the better, but you are welcome to drop off and pick up whenever is most convenient for you. WHO: Maker Krewe is best suited for children who are capable of working well independently.
2nd grade is the suggested minimum age, but many 1st graders have found success in the program. Oskie Creech, the founder, will be joined by at least one other adult with plenty of experience working with kids. FOOD / DRINK: Please send a snack or lunch with your child. MATERIALS: We will provide all the materials and tools your child needs to dive right in and start making. You are welcome to send additional materials, particularly if there is a specific project your child is interested in working on. We are always looking for used electronics to disassemble and re-purpose! Because space is limited, it is necessary to register prior to the event. Click here to visit our photo gallery.