Sunday, Jul 1, 7:30-9 AM

March of the Dead Veterans

Southeast Louisiana Veterans Medical Center
Getting there
2400 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA

With at least 20 Veterans committing suicide a day, it is clear something needs to change. R's and D's have been happy to sell the mental health of our service men and women out to the Pharmaceutical industry. We march on the Libertarian National Convention in solidarity with our fallen brothers and sisters, because it is only the Libertarian Party that has a real solution to this horrific epidemic of Veteran suicides. We muster at 0730 and march the 2 miles to the LNC. Squad leaders will verify service of the Veterans and active service members who wish to march in formation. Participants are asked to wear dress attire with any and all applicable patches, ribbons, and medals along with a military cover. Everyone will be provided with a skull mask. 6 pallbearers will carry a coffin encapsulating the names of every Veteran to commit suicide since 9/11. Once at the LNC, there will be a flag folding ceremony and the flag will be presented to the Chair of the Libertarian Party.